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FREE "stuff" Los Angeles


This group is for those of us in LA to recycle our goods. Do you have a couch you are getting rid of and getting a new one? Are you moving and don't need your bicycle or can't take your dog? Have you grown out of your clothes or just don't want them?

Post it here and perhaps you can find someone that can make use of your goodies. A great way to recycle and keep it in our community.

Anything you are wanting to just get rid of let us know, tell us what and where it is and hey, you might just have a new home for it!

:) Happy trading!

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Created: Sep 25, 2009
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Max MateMax Mate Free is good ;) 11/25/2013
Tony AnthonyTony Anthony to avoid landfills 02/17/2014
Nataliia KumeikoNataliia Kumeiko 06/05/2013
Yuritzy PérezYuritzy Pérez 07/21/2013
Jose PenafielJose Penafiel just moved to LA 09/24/2013
Emine BrEmine Br Just moved in to a new place and my bedroom is quiet empty lol 04/06/2014
Caroline SzwedaCaroline Szweda to trade 12/30/2013


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