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A group for Maltese, inhabitants, travellers and generally anyone interested in Malta! In this group we share info and tips about travelling in Malta, announce and descuss CS meetings and organize gatherings, but also post info about interesting events going on in our country!

While planning your trip to Malta or after you've arrived... you can find some very useful info here:

More tourist information can be found in the Travel wiki on Malta.

Always check the Flagged Posts here, which link you to threads with interesting information.

NOTE - it would be appreciated if you check ALL the above resources first before posting any standard questions on the forum. Thanks.

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Poll: Let's Go Zo: SCUBA DIVING & SNORKELING 21 July 2012 GOZOUser Deleted1  07/17/2012
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Anybody to do something in Malta this weekend???Jorge Garone-  04/16/2014
Would you please add Malta to my map?Kendrick Kaufman-  04/16/2014
BOULDERING MALTAJorge Garone-  04/12/2014
transport to St Julian'sNatalia Fabisiak2  04/12/2014
Couchsurfing meeting #40Jonas Strandman-  04/11/2014
►► [13-14-15 June 2014] ★ COUCH COUCH FEST 5th edition (Cs Meeting) ★ San Vito lo Capo, Sicily, Italy ◄◄MARCOLOVETOGETLOST-  04/10/2014
Visit Malta on 12-15 april 2014LUPO9572  04/09/2014
Couchsurfing Meeting #38Jan V.9  04/07/2014
Anybody travelling on Malta between 5-12 april?Polina Bezusenko12  04/07/2014
3th- 9th april malta , look for travelmatecali Summer9  04/07/2014
Girls, who know GermanPolina Korenecka-  04/05/2014
MaltaVahap Sumer2  04/05/2014
Who knows Turkish Language?Polina Korenecka1  04/04/2014
Couchsurfing meetingJonas Strandman-  04/04/2014
my plan to come Malta in 20-26th April. or I can come earlier about 16th April =)Orçun Şanlıkün-  04/02/2014
Moving to Malta from 8th of April/ Looking for friendsVikte Vaitiekute5  04/01/2014
Looking for a couch in 11-14 MaySiret Valge3  04/01/2014
belgian chocolate for couch 03-07 AprilKrzysztof Rychlik3  04/01/2014
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