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Welcome to Zhuhai!

Every Tuesday at 8PM : CS BOWLING!
- Where? Nanhai Oil Hotel 南油大酒店
Shuiwan Rd 368, Xiangzhou District; 香洲区水湾路368号
- Only 7 RMB per game (thanks to Jenny's membership card)
- Renting a pair of bowling shoes: 5 RMB (pay before you start playing)
- 6-8 RMB for a beer; fairly cheap snacks and soft drinks also available
- Wear comfortable clothes
- Bring friends!
- Important: notify Jenny in time, so she can make a booking for the whole group! (Weixin: Jenny86999 or 13924658075)

We'll also try to have a weekly CS DINNER and there might be other CS meetings and activities going on in Zhuhai, so please check the Group Posts!

Enjoy the city!

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Benoît De NobeleBenoît De Nobele moderator I live here since July '12 05/15/2012
Song ZhaoSong Zhao moderator 02/28/2006
Silence NingSilence Ning moderator It's my city:) 04/07/2011
Roman Rey Roman Rey Living here for a while 04/08/2014
Leslie HongLeslie Hong live in zhuhai ,and wanna make some friends . 03/18/2014
Dan WuDan Wu I live in zhuhai.hope to konw u,friend.^^ 10/13/2011
园序 武园序 武 07/30/2012
Vianney PonceletVianney Poncelet Living in Zhuhai, I'd be glad to share some times with you! 01/28/2013


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