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LINZ Couch in translation - language exchange


This group is for everybody (in Austria) who's interested in:
- language exchange and tandem learning
- meeting native speakers
- meetings in different languages
- cultural events
- original language cinema
- helping out eachother directly and online
- posting and answering language specific questions
- get help for the local language

...and more

...and is also WILLING TO ORGANIZE...
...this group lives from US and each one of you. So please feel free to take initiatives ;-)

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Created: Sep 29, 2009
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YOMULIDAYOMULIDA moderator 09/29/2009
chachalacachachalaca 07/23/2012
Karl GasteinerKarl Gasteiner I love languages, it's one of the best ways to show that you'r interestet in somebodys culture 04/10/2012
Nora FaberNora Faber I like to share some english. Me gustar hablar español. 08/11/2012
WG.ROOFTOP WG.ROOFTOP i love languages and i want to practice! english, french, spanish, russian or hindi 05/20/2013
Phab U. LousPhab U. Lous 12/18/2012
eyerishistravellingeyerishistravelling sprachen, languages, les langues, los idiomas, bhaasha, 04/03/2014
Carina NiedermayerCarina Niedermayer i like tandems and am looking for tandem-partners 11/03/2010



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Poll: Exchange my native spanish by your englishDAVID.FERNNDEZSANTAMARIA-  04/18/2013
Poll: Date for tandem language meetingYOMULIDA7  05/21/2010

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