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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Hunan CouchSurfing group. We hope that you all have a brilliant time contacting others, traveling, living or just inquiring about all the amazing places here in the region!

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XUANZHE LIUXUANZHE LIU moderator 10/02/2009
Abder2014Abder2014 Soon in Xiangtan 10/16/2012
垣超 黄垣超 黄 我是湖南人 yeah! 10/06/2012
jack Huangjack Huang hehe 06/09/2013
Matías ZazoMatías Zazo I´m living in Changsha 10/23/2013
phil Behanphil Behan Cycling Across Hunan looking for hosts 03/08/2014
Nazhi LiaoNazhi Liao I am a Hunanese 03/06/2011
Eric BaldridgeEric Baldridge Maybe moving here? 06/14/2012


Changde 常德51
Hengyang 衡阳338

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Hunan Hostsphil Behan-  03/08/2014
★ 1 month in advanceDmitry Turin-  10/25/2013
We are looking for English teachersjack Huang-  06/09/2013
Visiting HunanPeter Wong-  03/26/2013
French teacher in ChinaAbder2014-  10/22/2012
Soon in XiangtanAbder2014-  10/16/2012
Be careful!!! Spaniards arriving to Hunan :)))Ali Quiroga1  10/06/2012
Looking for a bed or couch for 2!Telma Raposo1  09/26/2012
Zhangjiajie and mountain areas there aroundGiorgia Crivellaro14  08/11/2012
WHERE BUY A CAMERA PLEASE =)Karla Rodriguez-  07/21/2012
Regards from Bangladesh, munzalaTofael Ahmed-  06/26/2012
HebiÖnsel Güney2  06/12/2012
Fenghueng and Dehang in late februaryNicolas Bellati-  12/10/2011
coming to hunanDamien Zarb11  09/09/2011
shanghai-hunan-GuangzhouDann Diez2  09/04/2011
旅游Scott-Ling-  08/14/2011
Fenghuang@Dec 31 to Jan 3, 2011KIDREAM-  12/25/2010