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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Shanxi CouchSurfing group. We hope that you all have a brilliant time contacting others, traveling, living or just inquiring about all the amazing places here in the region!

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Created: Oct 2, 2009
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XUANZHE LIUXUANZHE LIU moderator 10/02/2009
peng Leipeng Lei 我在太原 03/11/2012
stella Sustella Su it's my hometown~ i live in Datong by the way. 06/29/2010
Dongxia XuDongxia Xu The place where I was born 02/16/2012
Qiang 马 Qiang 马 i am in Shanxi 05/01/2012
David LAM David LAM I am thinking of travelling to Shanxi, Tai Yuan ,Datong soon, probably in JUne or July. I want to meet our members there and take part in soem of the activities. 05/05/2012
Wiebke 吟萍 Quader Wiebke 吟萍 Quader 12/21/2013
Ning LiuNing Liu I live in Shanxi 09/01/2011


Travelling to Datong / Shanxi0-

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