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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Xinjiang CouchSurfing group. We hope that you all have a brilliant time contacting others, traveling, living or just inquiring about all the amazing places here in the region!

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XUANZHE LIUXUANZHE LIU moderator 10/02/2009
Garmen ZhangGarmen Zhang will come soon!! Excited!! 01/02/2014
Nelson ShiNelson Shi I like xinjiang and culture of the west. 01/28/2011
Troilus XieTroilus Xie Ohh... really like it, so beautiful and so great food.. 06/24/2013
Peach Tao Peach Tao always a dream to go there 08/15/2011
AMJENNYAMJENNY where I am from 02/03/2012
Ilkin TeymurovIlkin Teymurov 03/08/2014
Oliver RaczOliver Racz 01/25/2012


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★ 1 month in advanceDmitry Turin-  10/25/2013
Looking for people to share a car in Turpan and probably for the way down to Hotan - beginning of AugustAndrea Kraemer-  07/20/2013
Turogate Pass middel of AugustAndrea Kraemer-  07/20/2013
We are looking for Caucasian English teachersjack Huang-  06/09/2013
xingjiang-Dunhuang tripDelia Huang-  05/24/2013
looking for one or two roommateswinston Xu-  04/24/2013
Research Russian nationality in Xinjiang! 研究新疆的俄罗斯族Natalia Kompanets2  04/15/2013
Dunhuang in May Day!Coco He-  04/10/2013
Anyone on the road now or soon?:-)Alenka Čajová-  01/25/2013
who wants to go to xin jiang ? for ten daysjuan Luo2  01/03/2013
Hey winter travellers:-)Alenka Čajová-  12/28/2012
Tajikistan - China boarderChris Perri4  11/15/2012
Karda ZoltanKarda Nora4  11/02/2012
who wants to go to xin jiang ? for ten daysjuan Luo-  10/21/2012
who wants to go to xin jiang ? for ten daysjuan Luo-  10/21/2012
Sept 28 from Urumqi -- Go either West or North circle linesBéémduö Wong-  09/18/2012
求沙发zoe Sheng-  09/12/2012
Looking for couches and local contacts in XinjiangZoltan Karda-  09/10/2012
travel mate qinghai/xinjiang septemberMelody Mo6  09/02/2012
Travel mates/advice sought: Xian-Lanzhou-XiNing-Xinjiang Aug-Sept 2012Justin Brown1  09/02/2012
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