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Vegetarians/Vegans (Animals Rights Supporters, Environmentalist)

This is a CS support group for those interested in connecting with other kindred souls that practice nonviolence at all levels.

Nonviolence meaning not only not to harm any other individual person or society, but not to harm our other co-habitants (animals), and our Earth.

Living in a state of consciousness - understanding that the world outside us is not only for the convenience and benefit of human beings, but the world exists in its own right, and our responsibility is to share and respect the whole existence.

We do not participate in acts of cruelty and violence against our planet and its creatures. Instead, we adopt principles, of love, peace, compassion. It is living in harmony with our Universal Oneness.

for information about animals rights, enviroment, and how we could help. please log on:

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Created: Mar 3, 2006
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