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Welcome to the Netherlands group!

Do you also want to PROMOTE your own meeting with our national (google) calendar?? Don't hesitate to CONTACT our ambassadors! ;)

All the most important cities in the country can be found in the appropriate strongPROVINCE/strong group.
Please have a look at the map below. Enjoy! :)

Some hints.

- Amsterdam --> PROVINCE Noord Holland
- Rotterdam - The Hague (Den Haag) - Leiden --> PROVINCE Zuid Holland
- Maastricht --> PROVINCE Limburg
- Enschede and Twente region --> PROVINCE Overijssel
- Utrecht --> PROVINCE Utrecht
- Groningen --> PROVINCE Groningen

For more information on CS in the Netherlands check out our Netherlands CouchSurfing Wiki.

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Beautiful hide NetherlandsMarie-Lyne Rousse7  04/16/2014
Koningsnach / KingsnightMarcel Geenen-  04/15/2014
Lille Spring meeting : Soup festival !!!COLINOS-  04/11/2014
Arm yourself with smiles, hugs and lots of laughs... the Dutch are invading Düsseldorf and YOU are invited too!!Alex FromRio-  04/11/2014
CS Efteling meeting 18 may 2014Maikel Lourenssen-  04/10/2014
UK Singer-songwriter just (toured with PASSENGER & KATE NASH last year), Looking for Netherlands show/house concert April 29/30 May 1/2Chris Simmons-  04/08/2014
Looking internship in Maritime sector!Tamay Hanlıoğlu-  04/07/2014
last minute venues sought!HOBOPOP-  04/06/2014
Do you like Jazz live music? free entry, and cheap drinksJohannaPijman Pulgarin-  04/05/2014
video for someone in Amsterdam…. or….. other place.Mies Heerma7  04/03/2014
Crossing The Netherlands/Home-documentaryLuis Durán-Campos3  04/03/2014
Visiting Netherlands March-April 2014 & looking forward to meeting new friendsAl Tay14  04/02/2014
Traveling to Croatia or Goa, India?Lauren Self3  03/30/2014
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