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SHEEPDONTSWIM SHEEPDONTSWIM moderator Brooklyn and I are married. 12/21/2008
Paul NoceraPaul Nocera moderator I live in Bushwick, the north east section of Brooklyn, along the L train at Dekalb Avenue 06/18/2008
EmmaMH EmmaMH moderator Living/dodging strollers in Park Slope 07/30/2008
J KruczynskiJ Kruczynski moderator Do or Die, I live in Bed-Stuy 02/15/2008
Eva Gribov Eva Gribov My Neighborhood 07/22/2010
Marlene HuangMarlene Huang 03/12/2013
Gianluca PardelliGianluca Pardelli Crown Heights 09/20/2012
Sanna KlemettiSanna Klemetti Just moved here 05/05/2010