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Need to learn some basic Spanish vocabulary before your trip to Peru? Interested in swapping some English for your Japanese?
Post your needs and ideas here and start connecting with CouchSurfers who can help you!
Whether you're looking for a Tandem partner, planning on organizing a weekly conversation meet-up or interested in getting/offering classes, this group is for you.

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Created: Oct 8, 2009
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Vicky Jiang Vicky Jiang moderator 10/08/2009
Kelly ChiuKelly Chiu looking to learn some foreign languages 02/26/2014
Nacho LopezNacho Lopez 03/30/2014
Kwan WongKwan Wong Learning German and Italian 10/07/2013
Tatiana KolyanovaTatiana Kolyanova tryng to improve my Spanish 05/13/2013
Russel EstardoRussel Estardo Love to meet people who love languages! 10/10/2009
Roma PanganibanRoma Panganiban I want to speak Spanish! 09/20/2012
Marco Loaiza M. Marco Loaiza M. I speak english, Spanish is my native language, want to practice my french... and I'm near SF from time to time 08/06/2011



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Poll: Which day is better for you to attend Language Lounge event?VICKYQIANJIANG10  01/30/2010

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Flagged postsModerator 1  11/23/2009
Help me with my German?Kwan Wong-  04/08/2014
English/Spanish/Salsa Dancing/Photography for FrenchEddie Hernandez-  02/12/2014
Spanish wanted- English or other sharings offeredEmma Smith-  02/12/2014
Portuguese looking for EnglishAlan Schwiderski1  02/10/2014
My English/Spanish for your FrenchEddie Hernandez-  12/29/2013
My Mandarin/English for your SpanishPeter Liang2  12/29/2013
Instagram-like language learning app - we need beta testers!Ramsel Ruiz-  12/22/2013
English/Spanish/Italian for Turkish :)Kevin Cross3  12/06/2013
My Mandarin/English for your German/FrenchPan Daijing1  11/29/2013
English/Hindi looking for German/Spanish/MandarinRohit Mittal1  11/18/2013
Spanish/English looking for FrenchEddie Hernandez-  11/02/2013
English/Spanish looking for Spanish/PortugueseKira Lansing8  10/30/2013
Offering English for Portuguese, Spanish, or Tagalogyo_soy_Patricio2  09/06/2013
My english for your French!Jamila Ghoul-  07/07/2013
Intercambio, anyone? English for Spanish?Allison Scheirer5  07/04/2013
my english for your spanish?Danielle Calabrese1  06/28/2013
My spanish for your englishIsabel Rojas9  06/24/2013
My Spanish or English for your GermanAerodynamic1  06/24/2013
Informal German Conversation Practice, anyone?Canard_Hurfelstein2  06/24/2013
english for spanishAlexandra Rogers1  04/22/2013
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