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Menstrual cup/ reusable pads/ natural sponge users


This group is meant to inform on alternative ways of dealing with periods. I also look forward to promote the use of the Diva cup and the Keeper as an economical and convenient way of NOT throwing away tons of garbage and NOT puting in our bodies bleached cotton and such stuff.
Ce groupe a pour objectif d'informer sur des façons alternatives de passer au travers de nos règles. J'ai aussi comme but avoué de promouvoir l'utilisation du Diva cup et du Keeper comme une manière économique et pratique de NE PAS jeter des tonnes de déchets et de NE PAS mettre dans nos corps du cotton chloré et autres trucs peu ragoutants.

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Created: Mar 7, 2006
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SOMADAP SOMADAP moderator 03/07/2006
Oxygen2Oxygen2 to go natural 01/22/2013
Cassandra BrooklynCassandra Brooklyn diva girl 01/18/2013
MsJackieMsJackie menstrual cup solutions promote healthy female body intimacy, female hygiene, and environmental mindfulness. rock on rockstars. 01/01/2008
Tatiana NigoutTatiana Nigout because I want to try it, I think it is the way to go for woman?! 02/23/2010
ESTHER FROM HOLLAND ESTHER FROM HOLLAND happy cup user, everybody should know about it!! 06/27/2010
Anastasia SitnikovaAnastasia Sitnikova because i am a girl 02/24/2010
austinsushelaustinsushel diva cup for life! 06/29/2013


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