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Hoping that
a) CouchSurfers are generally Peace-loving people interested in breaking down inter-cultural barriers and building inter-cultural understanding...
b) Barcelona is generally a Peace-loving city (scene of one of the biggest demonstrations world-wide in Feb. 2003 against the imminent attack on the people of Iraq)...
c) there is more to CouchSurfing than finding a cheap (free) place to stay...
d) CouchSurfers world-wide will become aware of the ongoing World March for Peace and Nonviolence (see http://www.theworldmarch.org ) - which has the POTENTIAL for being the hugest manifestation of public opinion the World has ever seen, but is being lamentably IGNORED by much of the World's Press (vested interests?) - and become involved (offering couches to people who travel to take part in or witness the various activities involved in The March?)...
e) Barcelona becomes aware that the official international group of Marchers arrives in this wonderful city on the 13th of November, 2009, and gives it the warmest, hugest welcome that they receive ANYWHERE...
f) Couchsurfing Barcelona becomes one of the official sponsors of The March...

... I have created this sub-group.
(It's up to YOU to make it a success.)

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Created: Oct 11, 2009
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jimmsfairytales0comjimmsfairytales0com moderator 10/11/2009
Dafna Nudelman Dafna Nudelman love the idea! 06/06/2010
Agnieszka Jaroszewicz Agnieszka Jaroszewicz 03/07/2011
Olga BieńkowskaOlga Bieńkowska 10/26/2011
Miriam H OliveraMiriam H Olivera 06/10/2013



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