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Language Exchange / Intercambio de Idiomas

This group is here to help people from all over the world to meet in Los Angeles, to practice speaking languages, and to enjoy a cultural exchange and experience that goes beyond just sharing a couch. So if you would like to practice speaking Italian, post a request asking for Italian speakers and say what languages you can offer in return. If you would like to teach some Lunfardo, go ahead and post it and see who would like to join you.

We are looking for a good place and time to hold group meetings to make this language exchange even more fun!

Note: The credit goes to Alessio Carone from the Barcelona LEM group for inspiring me to bring this concept home with me to the CouchSurfers of L.A.

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Created: Oct 12, 2009
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SANDPLUM SANDPLUM moderator Teach. Learn. Share. :) 10/12/2009
Christine RiveraChristine Rivera I would like to practice my German, I don't want to forget it! 04/21/2013
Silvia GramegnaSilvia Gramegna 07/24/2013
Anya IceAnya Ice 09/23/2013
Sonny Suciawan Sonny Suciawan 08/11/2013
Maria SchupetMaria Schupet I am from Germany and have had great experiences with similar language exchange groups. I enjoy sharing my culture and language with people who are willing to share theirs. It helps me understand others - and myself - much better and is so enrichting. 01/05/2014
Salvador OrnelasSalvador Ornelas To practice my languages outside of school. 01/11/2013
Mohammad  AlMohammad Al I am an Arabic speaker ! 08/18/2012


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Language Exchange HangoutSalvador Ornelas13  04/23/2014
Spanish or Portuguese language meets in LA?Franky Lee30  04/17/2014
My English for Russian or FrenchTESSERAKT-  04/03/2014
Clases de Español por ingles!!Joel Gallardo2  03/31/2014
My spanish for your English.Andres Tabares8  03/02/2014
My Arabic for your English..Zaher Arbash-  02/27/2014
Language exchange - Chinese for EnglishElaine Wang2  02/25/2014
German / French for Englisholivier Sam2  02/24/2014
My mandarin for your EnglishBO Cai1  02/16/2014
My Italian for your EnglishArturo Rinaldi12  02/10/2014
Chinese speaking American traveler looking for language exchange and couch!Angela Efros1  02/07/2014
My Italian your Spanish, French or GermanAiman Zahabi-  02/04/2014
My Spanish/Eglish for your Russian/ Frenchozzie Valencia-  02/03/2014
Russian -English exchangeRamil Sadekov-  01/26/2014
My German (native) and French (level C1) for your English or Spanish and experience of LAMaria Schupet7  01/25/2014
My English, your German or FrenchAshley Guinn2  01/05/2014
My German for your Russian/ FrenchAndreas Leibenath-  01/05/2014
my spanish(or english) for your french?Caroline Szweda2  12/30/2013
Norwegian?Anete Cimbule-  12/23/2013
Hey from Moscow! LA, here I come & Up for fun! Plus looking for a job in the Mass Media/film production with native Russian, fluent English and Spanish, conversational French.Helen Etkina-  12/14/2013
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