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Soest - die zweitgrößte deutsche Stadt...
...im Hochmittelalter! :o)

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Jost Schwider Jost Schwider moderator Promoting Soest... 10/13/2009
Ralf ReinhardRalf Reinhard 12/25/2012
María MCMaría MC I would like to do my erasmus in Soest 01/26/2014
Eduard MartorellEduard Martorell I just arrived to Soest ;-) 10/29/2013
Daniel HerreraDaniel Herrera i study here .. 07/29/2013
Andrés ForeroAndrés Forero I live in Soest! 02/26/2010
Laura BergmannLaura Bergmann home sweet home 12/28/2012
Paul Vincent Hubert Paul Vincent Hubert I stay somehow close to Soest :) 02/12/2013



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Flagged postsModerator 2  07/05/2012
Tips about life in SoestMaría MC6  02/19/2014
Da gibt es doch sowas wie Wochenende...Laura Bergmann-  11/11/2013
Couchsurfing meeting in Soest this friday or saturday?Kathrin Weyer4  11/07/2013
Arriving at SoestEduard Martorell2  10/29/2013
BeatboxKathrin Weyer-  09/29/2013
Wohnung/Flat in SoestKathrin Weyer-  08/09/2013
soest!Luiggina Pepe2  08/06/2013
baggage, luggage, koffer disposalLiliana Dewi-  07/10/2013
Meeting in Soest 17/05/13Eugen Reimer3  05/16/2013
Get together in HammSebastian Lasner-  02/01/2013
Hammer Pub Crawl. Please, join us for a great Friday evening in Hamm!Inga Kleschinova-  02/01/2013
Searching for a free room in Soest. I will stay as Erasmusstudent!Erich Eisfeld-  01/08/2013
WG Zimmer gesucht für 2 Monate (ab sofort!)Anna Sassmann1  11/23/2012
Games Saturday Night in HammInga Kleschinova1  11/02/2012
Couchsurfing meeting in HammSebastian Lasner-  09/19/2012
Invitation: CouchSurfing Cycling Camp OWL "Meet Hermann"Andreas Beusker1  08/24/2012
CSmBParty VS. =Bochum TOTAL= (05.-08.07.)Bene BedauertAGB-  07/03/2012
Brazilian student at South Westphalia UniversityRadson Lima3  07/03/2012
CSmBParty: lucky # sevenBene BedauertAGB-  07/02/2012
++ Haus-Konzert + Karl Scott (UK) + 2nd time in DortmUnd ++Bene BedauertAGB-  06/19/2012
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