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Photographers in Izmir


This group is for people who are interested with photography. Doesn't matter if you have a small compact or an expensive DSLR, let's tour the city and share our experiences ..

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Created: Oct 21, 2009
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Sinan Genctug Sinan Genctug moderator 10/21/2009
Monib SabetMonib Sabet I am going to Izmir. 03/16/2014
Serkay KansoySerkay Kansoy Like to take photos :) 05/11/2013
Can AkalınCan Akalın 03/03/2014
koray Aykanatkoray Aykanat 01/07/2014
Fatih ErdoganFatih Erdogan 03/31/2014
Zeynep YeniceZeynep Yenice I like taking different photos. It means living the moment... 03/12/2014
Google BordelloGoogle Bordello 10/11/2013


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07.04 Daily Photo tour İzmir (Sunday,Pazar) +(06.04 need Couch)Turhan OZGUR1  03/12/2013
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Looking for male & female models, partnersZOZO2  04/13/2012
Photo tour in Izmir - 09/10/2011 SundaySinan Genctug1  10/08/2011
Photo Marathon in BergamaSinan Genctug-  05/15/2011
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