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Last minute/Urgent Couch Requests in Izmir


This is a group created help CSers who can not arrange a couch on their way. In addition, CSers who could not find a couch even they had sent requests in advance.

Please before you sent a last minute/urgent request;

* have a detailed profile helps CSers to decide and find some similar interests, philosophy. That shows how you give importance to CS Project.

* References on your profile and some vouches will be awesome.

* Post a clear message why, when do u need the couch exactly?

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Created: Oct 24, 2009
Type: Public

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Bora EkeBora Eke moderator 10/24/2009
Sadık Hançerlioğlu Sadık Hançerlioğlu 10/13/2012
Octavius DevekesenOctavius Devekesen I can provide urgent couch in izmir 07/22/2011
MIDDLE_OF_NOWHERE MIDDLE_OF_NOWHERE Maybe somebody need my help 09/26/2011
Mutlu Göksoy Mutlu Göksoy x 03/02/2013
AHMET TOKERAHMET TOKER in izmir 03/16/2014
loremipsumdolorloremipsumdolor 01/21/2012
Shady NoorShady Noor 04/21/2014


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