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Volunteering Maldives works with island communities, youth and students with hands on experience on apperenticeship, accademic support and ideas on exploration of environment to improve the quality of life in the islands. Csers who would like to help as volunteers are welcome and they will be hosted by our patrons in the islands.
Wish you a fruitful and memorable stay in the 1200 islands of Maldives!

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Risa BluesaphierRisa Bluesaphier will be in maldives during 1st - 12th of july 2013 06/22/2013
Brad Brace Brad Brace Canadian artist/designer visiting for 3+ months: looking for homestay/invitation 03/14/2013
Wouter  and SandraWouter and Sandra i want to volunteer on the maldives !! 02/07/2012
Mari YammanMari Yamman Ive been doing variety of volunteering since 1999. Now i want to do one in maldives. 09/22/2013
stephenlaistephenlai 12/20/2013
Ashfam AhmedAshfam Ahmed 09/08/2013
Ira  NadzirahIra Nadzirah very interested! 06/21/2013
m_e_w m_e_w I am in Maldives now and wana do some volunteering :)) 11/28/2013


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places to volunteer in march 2013Marina Naomi Noack1  09/22/2013
looking for a couch in Maldives (5 to 13 december) and Sri lanka (13-23 december)Mohamed Anaao1  09/12/2013
volunteering MaldivesHassan Hussain3  09/06/2011
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