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I Travel Africa is for every person who loves to travel around Africa. We have made many stops along the way and seen some amazing and beautiful things and we are still going.

Please feel free to leave your stories about Africa for others to read. The sharing of information is at the heart of life here and we would love you to be part of that.

Africa is a weird and wonderful continent with so much to offer. From Cape Town in South Africa to Cairo in Egypt, the diversity of experience will get into your soul and hold you forever.

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Created: Nov 7, 2009
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Aidan and Rahel Heiri Aidan and Rahel Heiri moderator 11/07/2009
Ibrahim ZIDORIbrahim ZIDOR I am Afican 07/11/2012
S N  FultangS N Fultang provide a couch to travellers 06/08/2011
Alexandra SilvaAlexandra Silva to discover...beautiful places...to meet...to travel:) 12/06/2012
Aleksandar NedeljkovAleksandar Nedeljkov Friendship, travel, ... 02/20/2013
Christine Stauss Christine Stauss trip to rwanda,tansania in 2013 - searching for a travel buddy 12/08/2012
Vit Lastovka Vit Lastovka I plan to travel from north to south west coast of Africa 02/20/2013


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Easter 2010 Couch Surf on the Wild Coast, Mpame VillageAidan and Rahel Heiri-  12/19/2009