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This will be a forum for everyone who has suffered loss of any sort to possibly share their stories and help others overcome these trying times we're living. Whether it be physical loss, emotional, material,spiritual or any loss of any kind that the group could relate to or perhaps just simply show compassion and take stock in the blessings and not the stressings.

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Created: Nov 9, 2009
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LAGITANAPRLAGITANAPR moderator 11/09/2009
NomadLynette NomadLynette 07/20/2010
ANNE EVANS ANNE EVANS Widow comparatively recently - learning to live without my beloved late husband whom I adored.... 02/21/2012
GLENDA MAYOLGLENDA MAYOL loss...so hard! but nice to have people you can share it with 09/19/2010
David CaleDavid Cale My wife of 35 years left me for another guy and I am not over it even after 3 years. 03/03/2012
PINEFORESTPINEFOREST i have survived many losses 06/29/2010
Jeannie Llewellyn Jeannie Llewellyn Have "lost" people, dear to me 07/11/2012


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Long ago loss refeltRonit Sanders5  11/30/2010
Is it possible to get over the loss of a baby?CEEDEEEF7  11/19/2009