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For all vegans, vegetarians, macrobiotic and veg friendly people in Japan.

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Created: Nov 13, 2009
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Mac VegMac Veg moderator 11/13/2009
Zel MazardZel Mazard I'm a vegan in Taiwan, and host people from Japan, visit Japan, etc. 01/24/2014
Takashi MTakashi M 12/19/2013
Fruzsi Kenez Fruzsi Kenez I'm veg and looking to find suitable food in Japan to sustain me 01/25/2014
Hiroshi YanagidaHiroshi Yanagida 04/22/2011
Claire ChongClaire Chong find people with similiar interests 03/30/2014
Shobhit KShobhit K 03/27/2014


Japan Raw Low fat Vegan-Health101 Institute1-

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Vegan host in 台東市 (Taitung, Taiwan)Zel Mazard-  01/24/2014
tokyo vegeFesta 19-20 OctoberAlejandro Herrero Bueno-  10/16/2013
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Cheapest vegan food/meal you can buy in supermarkets and cafe in KyotoTatjana S-  08/24/2013
How is it to be a vegan in Japan?Flávia Petean1  08/02/2013
Vegetarian trip to JapanFryderyk Nowicki-  09/03/2012
Vegan Musicians touring Japan ... interested in hosting an event?Mac Veg1  11/12/2011
Shark Saving Art Show at M-Event Space, Daikanyama (07/16-07/22)Akira Biondo-  07/07/2011
surch for a coach in Tokyo for a few days at the end of january!!!Arnaud Hauchon-  01/02/2011
Vegan group information!Hiroko Nakamura-  12/26/2010
vegan chef in kyoto , let s meet and talk about food!!!Arnaud Hauchon-  12/25/2010
Vegan buffet in Dec!Hiroko Nakamura-  12/14/2010
Vegan buffet!Hiroko Nakamura-  10/08/2010
Vegan Meet-up in Tokyo, SeptemberTHEBLISSFULCHEF3  08/10/2010
マッサージ・クラス (参加者の食事は菜食です) / massage classes for vegans in Tokyo areaLes May-  06/21/2010
Vegan productsANIKAEANI4  05/11/2010
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