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Hi Love searchers!
This group has been created in order to give a chance to Infinite Potential within any human being to be shared, known, restored, and eventually put into practice.
Under our point of view, Human Potential is now leaving progressively its place (mind and spirit) to any kind of limitation/ illusion.
The world is now facing a difficult period and we just need this OUR Poential back as soon as possible!

We're attempting to spread out Infinite Human's Potential and Love within any of us. We're now in Dublin to accomplish our Mission and will do it VOLUNTEERING, in a very serious and loving way either, focusing both inside our mind and spirit.
Surely after any session, no matter if it is the first one or the eleventh either, please FEEL FREE TO TIP US, SHAKE OUR HANDS, MAKE ANY DONATION OR SIMPLY THANKING AND BLESSING US.

The tecniques we work on (references, experience and expert diplomas given)are: Reiki, Relaxing massage, Psychotherapy Counselling, Spiritual Guideness, Positive Thinking Science, Worldwide Awareness, Meditation, Sacred dance, Home's Ambiences Counselling.

This is our Mission in Dublin: Paying tribute to our Truly Love, to our Infinite Potential, and the ones really searching for it.

Vale Juan

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Estella AlbionEstella Albion I also do healing work and I'm journeying to Dublin 10/26/2013
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