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This group is intended for festival goers looking to find info on the festival, meet people and perhaps even arrange a couch.


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Created: Nov 23, 2009
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Petra MilosevicPetra Milosevic moderator 11/23/2009
Eddie Arendt Eddie Arendt I want to hitchhike from germany to primavera, who want to join me? :-) 05/02/2013
Chelsea SpohnChelsea Spohn connect with other primavera-goers 04/06/2014
Sam Crane Sam Crane Stoked to be going to primavera ! 04/09/2014
Johann GretkeJohann Gretke 01/16/2012
Gabi OteroGabi Otero I'll be heading to Primavera Sound this year and would love to meet up with others who are going 02/23/2014
Andreia TeixeiraAndreia Teixeira Hoping to find more festival goers and a place to stay :) 04/09/2014
Albert VidanyaAlbert Vidanya I'll be there 01/11/2010


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Couch searchPavlik Basov-  05/05/2011
Primavera Sound 2011 Warm-up + Poble Espanyol ShowLIGETIG1  04/24/2011
Free Ticket Options - Volunteering?WROLF3  04/22/2011
Primavera 2011 couchJoão Ferreira10  04/21/2011
after the festivalYaren LEE3  04/19/2011
last day of the festivalKasia Szczepanska3  04/19/2011
bands performing at primavera 2011 (videos)Svetlomir Slavchev-  04/18/2011
What time does the festival usually start?Pauly Sukow3  03/31/2011
Photographers ahoy! Help needed pronto!Robin Olsson1  02/23/2011
Please inform us when the tickets will be sold outAntonis Gokas1  02/21/2011
Here it comes again!!!!!Christian Souto12  12/22/2010
Spotufy playlist: Primavera Club 2010Patapalo-  10/13/2010
Let's keep Primavera Sound fire burning!!Patapalo2  10/01/2010
See you next Year.Christian Souto7  06/01/2010
Early meeting Saturday. Oddsac movie by animal collective.Robin Olsson-  05/29/2010
interested in meeting up fri or sat?Sam Levine3  05/29/2010
Hello.Bigger Meeting.Christian Souto43  05/27/2010
Some nerds made this spread sheet if you want to plan your festival!Robin Olsson2  05/27/2010
Do u like Bass & Dubstep ?! Primavera Festival for 15€Lor ......-  05/26/2010
Primavera and a couchJ_OSE-  05/26/2010
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