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“If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul,” Alphonse de Lamartine
once said.
Istanbul is like a sphere
What u see depends on what you want to see
Actually history is so...
if we look at istanbul with naked eyes- i mean ignoring the things like ugly buildings, traffic jam, dirty streets etc..
you will be able to see Roman Byzantium and Ottoman traces and then probably u will get lost inside in this big city

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LEVENTNOUSPORTERALEVENTNOUSPORTERA moderator i f u take the history away from the cities, there would be just stones inside 11/28/2009
Isabel LópezIsabel López 08/05/2012
Emin EmingilEmin Emingil I'm making a living from its history. 02/14/2013
fredweasleyfredweasley 03/18/2013
Cahit CavlakCahit Cavlak sharing knowledge about history in istanbul 08/01/2013
Špela GrošeljŠpela Grošelj Love istanbul & (art) history 05/02/2013
Kaveh KaKaKaveh KaKa Like to know more about Istanbul's history/İstanbul ve Bizans'ın zengin tarihinin ilgileniyorum 07/27/2013


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