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Canoe tour with CS in Hungary – summer 2010/2


Hi Guys,
this is Zsolt, a professional canoe guide from Hungary. After the great success of last years’ CS canoeing tours, we decided to create two ones in 2010!
There were 71 members from 23 countries joining the fun in 2009! Many of them said that itwas one of the best weeks of their lives; we made lots of friends.

See the brilliant video of last year's tour: http://www.evezzvelem.hu/index_play.php?file=2008_videoklip
Turn on the stereo and enjoy, that’s the way we do it!

We will paddle along Tisza that slowly winds in beautiful riverside forests in Eastern-Hungary. During the last days of the tour we will canoe at Tisza Lake, the 2nd largest lake in Hungary (127 sqrkm), home of thousands of birds that nest or just temporarily stay on this territory; you can see them everywhere. It isn’t a simple lake: there are many-many waterways in the bush, islands and different river branches. With over 200 species it has unique significance in Central-Europe. There campsites are all huge and charming; the locals are very friendly.

We will spend the first night in TOKAJ! This is the centre of the world-famous WINE REGION, where we will visit some nice wine-cellars!

After all, we are not going to care about anything else but talking to our old and new CS friends, eating delicious food, swimming in the river, laying on the beach and recharging our batteries from Nature. It is going to be a superb event with lots of FUN, sunshine and relaxation. Members from all around the globe can join us. Physically it is not demanding at all, we will have enough time and energy to play games, make fire, sing, dance and drink some beer/wine/palinka in the evenings. Old members don’t forget: the killer game, water splashing from the canoes, war of numbers are going on! Some new games will be introduced as well.

We’ll spend the last night in Tiszafüred, which is the centre of the Tisza Lake Region with friendly pubs in walking distance from the camp we are going to stay at.

The more we are the less it costs! Discounts to earlybirds apply!

Date: 16-22 August. It is RIGHT AFTER SZIGET FESTIVAL the greatest festival of Hungary! www.sziget.hu
Note: there are two similar events, but at different times!

For application and details, pictures and video of last year’s FUN, check out this website in English http://www.evezzvelem.hu/index_eng.html or in Hungarian: www.evezzvelem.hu

Feel the FUNshine!


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Zsolt GardonyiZsolt Gardonyi moderator 12/14/2009
Marlene ViardotMarlene Viardot Canoe trip summer 2010 ! 05/18/2010
Magnus Danielson Magnus Danielson I HAVE to go again of course... not sure if I am doing this or the no 1 though... 03/22/2010
Mikkel Bech DiemerMikkel Bech Diemer My plan to travel in Hungary this summer, I really love canoeing, and spending my summer outdoors! I'm going to the Sziget festival as well. So I think that this would be a FANTASTIC way to learn the people & country! <3 04/22/2010
PIPPO71PIPPO71 I'd like to join 05/20/2010
Cindy BiCindy Bi I will try my best to go, but surely I'll go 02/25/2010
Karina PappKarina Papp hungary yeah 03/30/2010
Yosefa KornwitzYosefa Kornwitz best week of my life! I LOVE YOU!!! 08/29/2010


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