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Welcome to the group for Cyprus; the island of love and of sunshine over 360 days of the year - or so the tourist office would have you believe!

Whether you're visiting for just a day or moving here for an unspecified period of time, this is the place to keep a pulse on what's going on and to clear up any questions you might have (about either north Cyprus or south Cyprus!).

If you post and want as much input as possible, it is best to write in English or at least provide some sort of English text. Yes, there is Google Translate but often it does not work well. Similarly, if you choose to reply in a non English language, some sort of English summary would be helpful for the non-speakers of that language who might have some input (aside from the obvious Greek and Turkish, we have also had correspondence in Spanish, French, Romanian and transliterated Arabic).

Looking for advice on what to do/see/stay? Tell us where you're going and what you like to do and see while travelling: beach/swimming in the sea? museums? dancing/clubbing (and if so, what kind of music)? archaeological sites? sitting at cafes? walking? being out in nature? bigger towns? small villages?

Finally, please do not accuse the group of being inactive. If you still must, propose some action! Various permutations of us meet regularly (especially the Nicosians) although this can often be arranged and posted about at short notice so do keep an eye out on the group if you'd like to meet other CSers in town/on the island at least until you get on people's mobile phone radar.

For helpful info on getting around and places to stay: http://www.cscyprus.org/index.php/traveling-to-cyprus
http://couchwiki.org/en/Cyprus (thanks to Stew for getting this started!)

There is also a Facebook group. For the sake of its 'cyber-security' and quick acceptance, please send an introductory message to Pandelis with the name you use on FB and he will then provide you with the FB group link. If you do not have an FB account, you are not missing anything as all the important information about meetings and such are posted here first.

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George Chrysanthou George Chrysanthou moderator My home 11/05/2009
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Nicolas Nicolaou Nicolas Nicolaou moderator Because I want to use it as a venue to meet and interact with other people, the social dimension of life is very important. 05/26/2010
Antonis Tsikouris Antonis Tsikouris I am Cypriot and would love to meet other CS living in Cyprus 07/27/2013
Rodes GeorgiouRodes Georgiou I live here. 02/06/2010
Gökhan Bayraktaroğlu Gökhan Bayraktaroğlu Home 05/02/2012


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