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Visiting concerts in Salzburg


I myself am from The Netherlands and I want to visit a lot of concerts and opera's in autumn 2010 in Salzburg. I am looking for someone to join me!

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Created: Dec 26, 2009
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Klaus TscherneKlaus Tscherne 07/30/2011
Stephanie StraubingerStephanie Straubinger maybe I join you going to the concerts 02/25/2010
Andreas B.Andreas B. Hey, what about theater and plays in general? I love the "Schauspielhaus" and others too :-) 03/16/2010
Hans ThalerHans Thaler 05/24/2010
FLO_SBGFLO_SBG To get information for cool concerts. 07/17/2012
Lisa Maria Wiesner Lisa Maria Wiesner 04/20/2013
Robi Matrix Robi Matrix Ja weil ich halt gerne zu Konzerten gehe. 03/08/2010
MARCOPIERREMARCOPIERRE local art addict 01/04/2010


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