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For reddit-reading couch surfers!

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Created: Dec 30, 2009
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Zac StewartZac Stewart moderator 12/30/2009
Fenix0Fenix0 07/31/2013
Eric SinovicEric Sinovic Support Reddit travel community 04/17/2014
Grace CarskyGrace Carsky To hopefully meet other Redditors around the world! 04/20/2014
Andrew ReichardAndrew Reichard 04/21/2014
Bryon JBryon J am redditor 04/08/2011
bkr89bkr89 01/06/2012
Kim T.Kim T. CSer and Redditor 08/29/2012


Stewart Colbert Rally, Washington DC 10/30/104-

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  Title By Replies Date
San Francisco Area & Half Moon Bay surfingShimmy Daniel Li-  03/11/2014
South America / Central America - June onwardsSam Giligich-  03/09/2014
First time backpacking! 35 days in Europe, flying into London and out of Dublin!Mar Winslow-  03/02/2014
FRANCE! March 1-9Stephanie Turenko-  02/17/2014
Leaving tomorrow for Birmingham, then off to Bodmin, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, and ParisCraig Strasen-  01/21/2014
2 Traveling musicians in search of a recording studio!DUSTYFOOTPHILOSOPHER-  01/14/2014
Looking to make reddit friends in Iceland and London in March!Jared Dymbort-  12/23/2013
Going to Munich, Basel, Lucerne, Prague, and Vienna this WinterLuke Welsh-  12/18/2013
Any member on Redditors planning a trrip to East Africa very soon?Mutasa Brush-  11/14/2013
Portland OR: Need couch Aug 13 - ?Timothy Walsh-  08/09/2013
06/08-09/08Aleks Rikhterman-  08/06/2013
Couch in Prague from 4th-9th in August.Aleks Rikhterman-  06/26/2013
Couch in Kyiv, or Lviv, UkraineMatthew Klixbull-  06/11/2013
My place is open for surfers again this season. I live in Utrecht, love meeting new RedditorsDavid Anthony2  05/27/2013
Backpacking through Europe from June 2 to October 1Andrew Temme-  05/23/2013
Soon to be homeless.. Any Redditors care to help out?Brandon Crowley-  04/29/2013
Are there any redditors in NYC that can host on the 26th? Hitchhikers?mindless.philosopher1  04/25/2013
Looking for Couches in Central/Eastern Europe for June/July!anand-k-  04/24/2013
Portland, OR on Dec 19-20Krystal Mead-  12/17/2012
You can save a community bookstore! Please help!Gio Andollo-  12/13/2012
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