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For reddit-reading couch surfers!

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Zac StewartZac Stewart moderator 12/30/2009
Peter Kim Peter Kim intrigued at the intersection of CS & Reddit 04/15/2014
Sean ChilibeckSean Chilibeck Cats 10/05/2012
Skyla PojednicSkyla Pojednic Link found through r/travel and figured these were the best people to try and meet 04/15/2014
Tomek SolakTomek Solak I'm an addicted redditor. 05/30/2010
Eric SinovicEric Sinovic Support Reddit travel community 04/17/2014
April PagliassottiApril Pagliassotti Because Reddit rules. 09/04/2012
James DevineJames Devine I Reddit 04/08/2014


Stewart Colbert Rally, Washington DC 10/30/104-

Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Anyone in Santa Barbara, CA?John Matias-  05/26/2012
Any redditors in Derry/Galway/west coast Ireland?Hannah Rollings-  05/21/2012
Anyone in Wichita Kansas?Brent A Zahradnik-  05/21/2012
Long India trip!Aditya Joshi-  05/15/2012
Any redditors in Rome from May 18-23?Andrew Rohn-  05/15/2012
anyone going to BURNING MAN 2012Ji Busa-  05/15/2012
Traveling Europe until June 15thOwen Cox-  05/08/2012
Spain (19 May - 7 June)Christian Stenvang3  05/08/2012
Travel Fund Ideas??Melodie Blaize3  05/08/2012
Anyone in Amsterdam want to meet up? (May 2nd - 5th)XIIAD2  04/22/2012
OSLO OSLO OSLOLaura Baradić-  04/18/2012
Belgrade drinks 11-4, 12-4 (tonight/tomorrow)Eliot C-  04/11/2012
Redditors in Rome, Florence, Venice, other cities in Italy?Adam Worwood-  04/11/2012
Anyone in Kenya?Barron King-  04/10/2012
Redditors in Venice or Nice?Alec Plasker-  04/05/2012
Looking to meet-up soon: Ethiopia>Tanzania>Holland>England>Scotland>IrelandGBROUWER-  04/02/2012
Vancouver redditors!Antonio Templanza-  03/06/2012
Traveling to Europe in March and would love to meet redditors!Derek Winder1  03/05/2012