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Berlin "Portuguese - German Language Exchange"


For all those who wanna practice/learn/teach Portuguese and German in Berlin.

Let's organize meetings, solve our doubts concerning the languages, share related events in Berlin and so on..


Este é um grupo para todos que queiram praticar, aprender ou ensinar Português ou Alemão em Berlim.

Vamos organizar encontros, resolver nossas dúvidas em relação às línguas, compartilhar eventos em Berlim etc!


Diese Gruppe wurde speziell gegründet, für alle die zur Zeit in Berlin sind, und Portugiesisch bzw. Deutsch lernen, üben oder beibringen wollen.

Lass uns mal Treffen organisieren, unsere Fragen beantworten lassen und Infos bezüglich interessanter Veranstaltungen in Berlin teilen!

IMPORTANT: after some intolerant discussions in the past here in the community, I think it is important to stress that ALL variations, dialects, accents etc. etc. of both Portuguese and German are welcome! Let's see the world with more open and tolerant eyes and hearts, people! :)

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Guilherme M. da CostaGuilherme M. da Costa moderator 12/31/2009
Sandra GomesSandra Gomes 04/04/2014
Christiane EgerChristiane Eger need to learn Portuguese 03/19/2014
Richard Tröger Richard Tröger I want to improve my Portuguese 03/04/2013
Maria TeresaMaria Teresa I want to improve my german and help people with portuguese! 03/28/2014
Viktorija P.Viktorija P. I learn portuguese and just love that beautiful language!!! 03/08/2014
Renata RathRenata Rath 05/10/2010
Tiago SantosTiago Santos I'd like to help otherpeopple to learn portuguese 03/28/2014


Exchange Portuguese/Português/ Portugiesisch in Mainz/Wiesbaden2327

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