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Family welcome - Italy


A group for families living in Italy, families wanting to visit Italy or people welcoming Families in Italy.
In this group, you can ask for a couch for your family, you can organize family meetings and ask for or give suggestions to travel in Italy with children!


Un gruppo per famiglie che vivono in Italia, famiglie che vogliono visitare l'Italia e per persone che accolgono famiglie in Italia.
In questo gruppo puoi cercare ospitalità per la tua famiglia, puoi organizzare incontri/eventi per famiglie e puoi chiedere o dare suggerimenti per viaggiare in Italia con bambini.


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Created: Jan 3, 2010
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Ane Guillo e Matteo Cantu Ane Guillo e Matteo Cantu moderator 01/03/2010
Andrea Cuevas Andrea Cuevas moderator I live in and love Italy 01/09/2010
RICSNAKERICSNAKE I'm from Roma and my sons live in Emilia 08/19/2012
ASTRONOMERASTRONOMER i was born there twice 04/04/2011
GHIRI GHIRI 05/24/2011
Dace Seglina-GrinblateDace Seglina-Grinblate 04/02/2014
Daniele MazzuccaDaniele Mazzucca 01/09/2010
Kate iuskaKate iuska We're a family travelling to Roma 04/17/2014



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French family of 3 (ludovic, leslie and Ewen - 7 years old) plan a trip to south of italy. Lecce/NapoliLudovic Casarsa-  03/06/2012
SicilyVILIBALD-  03/04/2012
★ IV CS International Family Weekend ★ (IFW)® 2012 only to MARCH 31 !!!Mariusz Majewski-  03/02/2012
My husband, my son of 5 and me need a couch from 28 to 30 of march.Yolanda De Bilbao1  02/23/2012
Una famiglia ceca pianifica un viaggio estivo in ItaliaHonza Klimenta4  02/23/2012
coming in roma with my 2 son : 8-15 april 2012, need a host pleaseMagali Magali-  02/07/2012
Family of 3 is looking for hosts in ItalyAriunaa Nasan2  01/31/2012
CS FLORENCE NEW YEAR'S EVE@the best thing since the RenaissanceOttavia Kunz-  12/12/2011
Australian family of 4 in Italy in DecemberTiffany Bray6  10/31/2011
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Autumn in GamesEmanuele, Raine and Kids2  10/08/2011
Milano: Domenica 9 ottobre 2011 Corsa della speranzaDaniele Mazzucca-  10/06/2011
Australian family of 4 visiting Sardegna and SicilyMax and Fleur Pedlar2  10/02/2011
▓▒░ CS FAMILY PICNIC ░▒▓Mariusz Majewski5  09/25/2011
SOS Couch 10/06/2011 - 10/09/2011 for mom (35) and son (8)CAAARL-  09/15/2011
MILANO : two PICK NICK'S in the same month!! GREATAndrea Cuevas-  09/12/2011
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