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West Tokyo


Hi everyone!
Since Tokyo itself is way too large for just one group, I created a more specified one so that it will be easier to hold meetings and events.
This group is designed for those living or visiting especially the west side of Tokyo.

The main stations in the west side of Tokyo include Ogikubo, Kichijoji, Mitaka, Kokubunji, and Hachiouji.

Remarkably, there is also a Costco wholesale store in this area, so maybe we can organize some shopping tours as well. ;) It's always fun to go to this Americanized place and get big pizzas and some peanut butter with people from different countries.

This part of Tokyo is rather a residential area you can say, and I am sure there are many CS members around this area. So, I hope I can see you all soon!

Tourist Attractions

Ghibli Museum
Mitaka, Kichijoji Station (Chuo Line)

Mont Takao
Takao Station (Chuo Line)

Showa Kinen Park
Nishi Tachikawa (Ome Line)

Mont Mitake
Mitake Station (Ome Line) "Continuation of the Chuo Line"

Okutama Area (Nipper - Hatonosu - Okutama Lake)
Okutama Station (Ome Line)

Kawagoe Area
Kawagoe Station (Hachicko Line)

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Shoko TakahashiShoko Takahashi 05/03/2013
respectmerespectme 10/18/2013
Naoko IchimuraNaoko Ichimura Because it's my area! Spend a lot of time here. 08/29/2011
David LaneDavid Lane This is where I live! 02/04/2013
Tohru801Tohru801 I’d like to meet new people. 10/16/2013
Eduardo IsobeEduardo Isobe i am live nearby!!! 04/02/2013
Pio JaworskiPio Jaworski will live in Tokyo soon 09/25/2013
Mika AikawaMika Aikawa I live in West Tokyo 04/12/2013


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