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ツ Indigenous Musics ♫♪ / Lesser-Used & Endangered Languages / Stateless Cultures


★ Lesser popular languages for foreigners and travelers.
Travel and learn these "odds" (?) languages and cultures under some degree of discrimination or cultural Apartheid. NEVERMORE indigenous cultures put down, NOR brain & soul washed.
Sustainable surfing and hosting, tourism with respect to local cultures and the environment
List of Endangered Languages
For a mutual knowledge and aid amongst Stateless Cultures.
For speaking about our common problems and for travelling through Stateless cultures couches, learning "minorised" languages, Musics, etc.
This group is for Lesser-Used Languages as Sámi, Gaelig, Greenlander, Aramaic, Algonquin, Mapuche, or Yiddish, Linguistic Minorities as Alsatian (German) or German in Pennsylvania, or Karelian in Russia, or Stateless Languages as Frisian, Catalan, Basque, Romansh, Welsh, Occitan, Sardinian, Kurdish, Hmong, Coptic, Tibetan, Karen, Mon, Aymara, Uyghur...
***Let's suggest to create an own CS group for each of these Endangered/Stateless Languages/Cultures. It's easy and free!!***

~♥ Tikilluarit - Bi xer hati - Croeso - Tapeguahê porãite - Degemer mad - Ongi Etorri - Łaskava zaprašajem - Iiwy em hotep - Wolkom - Benvignût - Planvenguts... ~♥

“Dialects, as everyone knows, are just languages without an army and police force”("The Age of Empire", Eric Hobsbawm, 1875–1914)
“The established powers tend towards the control, unification, and psychological exploitation of their subjects”("Moral and New Culture", Xavier Rubert de Ventós, Catalan Philosopher).
"Slaves speak the language of their Master"(Caius C. Tacitus, Latin historian, Rome, 54-134).
"Beauty is the disinterested one, without which the ancient world refused to understand itself, a word which both imperceptibly and yet unmistakably has bid farewell to our new world, a world of interests, leaving it to its own avarice and sadness" (Hans Urs von Balthasar).
To permit dying these minorised cultures is a so much barbarian attitude as to permit extinction of threatened flora and fauna.
For Cultural Diversity, which is Cultural Richness. For Equality and no Discrimination against weakened Languages.

Language Revival
Last Speaker of Language
Institute for Endangered Languages

~~♫♪ It's also for Musics and Musicians and Folklore in those language and for Stateless or indigenous cultures.
♫ Yiddish Music:
♫ Berberian Music:
Berberian Culture in Canary Islands
Ainu People & Culture
Belarus and its traditions
Ancient, Celtic-folk and traditional instrument players
Irish Music
Breton Music
Scottish Folklore
Welsh Folklore
Galician Music
Catalan Music(tube).
"Obrint Pas", a Valencian Band
"La Mata de Jonc"
Catalan Folklore
Basque Music
♫ Occitan Music:
At C.S.: Occitan fok Music and dances
Paises Occitans
Sardinian Traditions

Group of the CS Environment & Native-Friendly Network. For Cultural Respect and Protection of Indigenous People’s Rights

* Foreign languages for travellers
* Languages around the World
* Many Languages (not only the Endangered & Lesser-Used ones)
Would you like to see on a map where is spoken any language?
* Indoeuropean Linguistic Branches
* Dictionnaries and Alphabets in lots of Languages: Berberian, Kurdish, Maori, Occitan, Coptic...Multilingual Keyboard
Free dictionaries in many Languages
* Lots of Courses of diverse Languages (not only Stateless)
Free Multilingual Translator

"Exterminating a race lies not only to destroy his people. It’s particularly by damaging their self-esteem, to convince them that everything they are is irrelevant in the earth’s surface, its culture and its people are useless" (Johnny Depp).
Demografic invasions (Colonization, Globalism) and Modern Technologies are being used to get the World quite uniformized in accordance to interests of the Market(ing) and to anihilate Stateless Languages and Ancient Wisdom.

"Cultural Burkha" ► The most States and a False Multiculturalism/Internationalism want our Languages to get invisible and keep Stateless Cultures under an Aparheid

*Native American INDIAN
*Kichwa /Quechua /Runa-Simi (Andes)
*Other Amerindian Languages at "Details" in Abya-Yala CS group

* European Bureau for Lesser-Used Languages
* Eurominority
* Euromosaic
* Map of European Languages
* Map of Dialects of European Languages
* An excellent Map of European Dialects
* Map of Romanic Languages
* News in French
* Stateless Languages in France

*Sami Culture-Sábmi-Lappland

Celtic Cultures
*"Couchsurfing Cymraeg" (Welshspeakers)
A Welsh Course
*Gaeilge (Irish, a Celtic Language): http://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=2005
*Gàidhlig (from Scottland):
*Cornish: http://www.agantavas.org.uk/
*Breton: "komzomp brezhoneg"

*Yiddish Language
*Frisian (Frysk):

*Беларуская - Belarusian - Bielaruskaja

*Rhaeto-Romance languages
Furlan (from Friûl)
Furlan at CS
*Learn Occitan: http://occitanet.free.fr/en/index.html
*Parlem Català! (Let's speak Catalan!)
Valencian Culture
*Aragonese: Aragonese
Sociedat de Lingüistica Aragonesa
*Astur-Leonese Language / Llingua Astur-Llionesa:
*Galician Language (Lusophonia):
*Andalusian Language
*Sardinia Identity (history, language and culture)

*"Euskaldunak" (Basquespeaking people)
Learning Basque (Euskera)
Free online Basque language course (in English and Spanish)
Basque History (in Spanish)

*Berberian / Amazigh Culture (North Africa):
Tamazight Language
Tourism in a Berber Way

*Coptic and Nubian Cultures and Languages
*Ibo Language
*Wolof Language
*African Languages

Kurdish Speakers
Kurdish-English-Swedish Vocabulary and Sounds
Kurmanji dialect

*Tibetan Language Resources
*Uygur (from Xinjiang) around the world
*Extraordinary Linguistic Diversity in Nepal
*Hmong, Mon, Karen and other Stateless SouthEastern-Asian Cultures

*Hawaian Language
*Maori Language
*Languages in Philippines

Free Translators online:
*Catalan-Galician-Maltese-Welsh-Yiddish… : http://www.google.fr/language_tools?hl=fr

♥ “We cannot take the comunion in the altars from a
dominant culture that mistake worth for price and
convert the countries and the peoples in merchandise"
(Eduardo Galeano).
Linguistic & Cultural Richness is similar to Biodiversity. A World which bans those diversities is deeply sick.
Linguistic Democracy
"The great evil of man lies not in poverty or psychological exploitation, but the loss of human uniqueness under the empire of consumerism" (Pier Paulo Passolini, Italian film director).
~ Kill your TV

Our twin CS group, "Stateless Nations"

For sharing trips in car
☼ Find the address where you're going to:
-By typing any address
-By looking for (towns') maps around the world

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David Joshua JenningsDavid Joshua Jennings moderator 08/10/2011
Grace RobinsonGrace Robinson moderator One of my hobbies is linguistics; I especially have a love of indigenous/lesser-used/endangered languages 01/08/2010
Xavier GrimaultXavier Grimault moderator Because I speak bretn and I'm keen on minority cultures and habits 09/13/2011
LANA2LANA2 moderator 02/14/2010
Gerardo CouohGerardo Couoh moderator me gusta la musicaa antigua y que sea indigena 08/16/2010
Gasser M. AnwarGasser M. Anwar moderator I'm Nubian 09/04/2012
But & EvenBut & Even moderator The Film "Avatar" explains Stateless or Indigenous people's trouble and pain 01/05/2010


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