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Couchsurfing European train journey - 30 days by CS train through Europe.

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This group is designated to members of the CouchSurfing train journey through Europe 2010 participants. Please check out sub-groups if you would like to volunteer.

If you love to travel and you adore spending time with fellow CSers then this is the journey for you. Nineteen countries, 35 days, 300 couches and one train – bring it on.

With help from some wonderful CSers, we have managed to gain international rail permission to travel through Europe on a donated train in the months of May and June.

Step onboard our beautifully painted train (our kind donator has kindly agreed to allow us full creative ownership over the train and it will be fully painted by those who are willing to volunteer before we depart) and take off on the journey of a lifetime.

With sleeping and washing facilities, two kitchen cars (if you are interested in cooking drop us a line) and two entertainment cars (similarly, if you can DJ, sing or perform get in touch with us) where live entertainment, workshops and classes can take place, this trip will offer the opportunity to teach, learn and share with 300 of your fellow CSers whilst traveling through Europe.

- Spain
- Germany
- Belgium
- Italy
- France
- Denmark
- Sweden
- Poland
- The Netherlands

More countries are to be added as we gain international rail permission.

We will depart from Berlin, Germany, on the 21st May 2010.

The journey will finish in Berlin, Germany, on the 25th June 2010.

Those planning to travel with us must sign up and attend a pre-travel meeting to cover safety regulations – also a great opportunity to get to know your fellow CSers! Travelers will be required to arrange their own visas (if applicable) and will be required to sign a form stating that visas are their own responsibility.

Visa information can be found here:


Cheap airlines flying to Berlin can be found here:

train info in europe

To find a couch in Berlin prior to your departure, please visit:


As yet, we are unsure of costs but we will update as soon as possible. In the meantime, sign up to express and interest and contact us if you are willing to help with cooking, entertainment, running classes, painting of the train. We need your skills!

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sebastian. sebastian. interested in joining 01/10/2010
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 robert Barker robert Barker i want to go!!! 01/20/2010
Stephan Pfaff Stephan Pfaff I love this! 01/11/2010
PUISIN PUISIN To post a message to the forum 01/23/2010
Coen de Jong Coen de Jong want to go with the train 01/22/2010


Hosts in Barcelona for the CS Europen Train Journey.1-
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Hosts in Brussels for the CS Europen Train Journey.1-
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Hosts in Paris for the CS Europen Train Journey.1-
Hosts in Rome for the CS Europen Train Journey.1-
Hosts in Stockholm for the CS Europen Train Journey.1-
Hosts in Warsaw for the CS Europen Train Journey.1-
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