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Mt. Fuji is a rare pyramidcal shaped mountain in Japan,considered to be very sacred by Japanes people. Energetically it is the crown chakra of mother earth. It is surrounded by beautiful lakes,mysterious lava caves and beautful spas and hospitable villages around...... Please see its photos on the internet and see if something within the core of your heart vibes to this holy mountain,s energies..... and let us join to share our feelings and may be a visit there!

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ELOISAELOISA Climbing Mount Fuji maybe! 08/22/2013
Denty Piawai NastitieDenty Piawai Nastitie I will climb Fuji mount next year, hope this group will help me to meet me with people who interest climbing fuji mount and get much more info about fuji. 10/06/2012
Denis Thibeault Denis Thibeault I want to climb Mount Fuji in September 08/25/2013
ALEX! ALEX! I want to get to the peak this time! 08/30/2013
Abnias SAbnias S I want to visit Mt Fuji 02/25/2014
Marisa PrueMarisa Prue I love nature 12/10/2013
Alisa KutzerAlisa Kutzer 03/31/2014


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Mt. Fuji: 9th /August (Night) or 10th / August (Morning)Javier Delgado Nuez1  08/22/2013
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Climb Mount Fuji at August 16thDenty Piawai Nastitie-  03/14/2013
Mt. Fuji at Aug 18thFrancisco Dourado-  08/10/2012
Climbing Mt. Fuji on July 13 (evening) - 14 morning, anyone?Dorcas Ko3  07/13/2012
plan to climb around July 21th, star at kawagujikoChunni Li-  07/04/2012
Climbing Mt Fuji 30th of July 2012, need friends :)Meltari Daruningtyas1  05/30/2012
Need friends :)Jesse Hardy-  12/11/2011
Mount Fuji.MOHAJIR-  10/31/2010
Fuji anyone? 22/23 sept 2010Julia Ziegelmann-  09/09/2010
Any tips?KIKI 792  07/01/2010
Mount Fuji on November firstDaniel Migault-  10/14/2009
Aloha everybody.HAPPYPERSON1  05/13/2009
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