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The Israel group is the place to ask questions about Israel, look for a couch in Israel, get the message on meetings and happenings and generally see and be seen!

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RAMNON RAMNON moderator I'm a backup MOD here. Please refer to one of the active MODs. 02/14/2007
Netanel Petrushka Netanel Petrushka moderator I live here, feel free to contact me with any issue 03/23/2009
Gil SaarGil Saar moderator hi there! im here to help you with any need. feel free to write 05/07/2008
Mihael Galperin and Noa KaspinMihael Galperin and Noa Kaspin moderator Here to help and assist on all of your CS Israel related issues. 09/27/2007
Zohar Bar-YehudaZohar Bar-Yehuda moderator Home sweet home 09/03/2006
Yotam TirkelYotam Tirkel An Israeli guy, willing to help 04/17/2014
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Ελλάδα και Ισραήλ ♥ ישראל ויוון2222
Be'er Sheva +6771193
Bikeriders and Biking in Israel19415266135
Binyamina, Pardes Hana, Zikhron Ya'aqov +3625
Cooking is a style of life2514
Eilat and Aravah area (NEW)5234
Green Israel/ Conservation and Ecology124261
Haifa +22593994
Israel Crafting125
Israel Festivals, Concerts, Parties and Events19188
Israel Flatmates, Flatsharing, Etc. - Not Active308813
Israeli CouchSearch Group 13181569
Israeli & Hebrew music248180
Israel: POLITICS45126
Jerusalem +535211047
Language Exchange355436
latinoamerica 21
Latinos en Israel2312
look 4 a flat (CouchRentin - 2nd generation)119
Meet and Trade/Give and Take4473
My Golden Basket63243
need a ride? Israel carpooling270168
Rollerbladers in Israel88
Русскоязычные - Russian Speakers1810
Spanish speakers174654
Tel Aviv +655417228
Tel Aviv Couch+ / HookCouch / CouchDating63
The Green North334319
Volunteering, wwoofing and farm working in Israel28877


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Flagged postsModerator 22  02/26/2011
Is it possible to volunteering in a kibutz with a dog?Kitti Borissza1  04/18/2014
Jobs in Israel for foreigners-Julia Bogdanova9  04/17/2014
Nice to place to chill out between Tel Aviv and HaifaPetr Menšík6  04/17/2014
Sleeping outside in Israel and JordanPetr Menšík10  04/17/2014
1-8 of May treveling IsraelEmilia Szczepańczyk2  04/17/2014
rock climbingNOPIN-  04/16/2014
NORTH Israel, looking for travel buddies . . 27.4.-1.5.Svenja L.1  04/16/2014
C-Pap machine. Airport search.Ruthy V3  04/15/2014
arrive monday 4/14 at night by plane what can I do??Theresa Singer9  04/15/2014
join us for dinner on passover nightRem Katz1  04/15/2014
Tel aviv: Anyone wanna check out the show and meal conducted by blind people?Thomas Richardson-  04/14/2014
Camera found - looking for ownerIlanaDrabkin1  04/13/2014
Samaritan Passover SacrificeAvi Av-  04/12/2014
Nazareth- a couch or a buddy 14.-15.4.Iveta Čechová-  04/10/2014
Israel - Looking for YOU April 18 - May 3BEN TSCHARSKI-  04/09/2014
ashdod anyone?David Faerman1  04/09/2014
Tel Aviv!Gia Dessire8  04/09/2014
Looking for travel buddy/suggestions/hostLucy 林-  04/08/2014
Visa issue (wwoofing, traveling, backpacking)julianpfleging-  04/08/2014
8-20 Aprilschwarz85@hotmail.com Janiev-  04/08/2014
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