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This group is for all who are interested in photography. Remember photoagraphy isn't just about fancy cameras but about composition and perspective, so if you own a camera you should be joining. We will organise tri-weekly group meetings. Anyone wanting a photo companion on little trips at other times are also more than welcome to post their trip here.

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Created: Jan 11, 2010
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Nick RostronNick Rostron moderator 01/11/2010
BIENVENUEABORDBIENVENUEABORD I am not a photographer, but I take Taiwan pictures 07/15/2013
Yu-hsien YanYu-hsien Yan I love photo and wnat to meet friends who have the same interests 05/18/2011
Mehmet DundarMehmet Dundar 09/29/2012
Pei HsuPei Hsu I am not professional but I like to take photos to record my life : ) 11/15/2013
Phoebe ChangPhoebe Chang I love photography! 02/19/2013
Howard WuHoward Wu I like to take photo 03/28/2012
Maral ShahiMaral Shahi 10/15/2013


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Any artists/teachers want to join to teach creative activities in rural Nepal?Belinda Swank-  09/12/2013
Ni hao everybodyBIENVENUEABORD1  07/16/2013
Destination unknown photo walk on Jun 2Rita Lee-  05/28/2013
MY INTERNATIONAL PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT " kisses from all the world"Beatrice C.-  05/01/2013
Photowalk on SaturdayNick Rostron1  01/13/2013
live!ercan Atak-  10/11/2012
suggestion about buying new cameraEva Hsieh2  08/01/2012
Wednesday, Mt.Elephant, evening scenery of Taipei 101Amos.tw4  04/03/2012
Global Landscape Project - Photographers Needed!Flynn O'Brien-  10/10/2011
Bike Ride to Celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's BirthdaySureshkumar Manthiriyappan-  09/25/2011
Worldwide photowalk in Yelio--- October 2Nick Rostron1  09/06/2011
Photo tripNick Rostron1  08/04/2011
CaoLing Historic Trail Adventure HikeChris Collins1  04/20/2011
YangMing Mountain Cherry Blossom Trip!Chris Collins1  03/05/2011
Photographing red maple leafVyncci and Lee-  02/28/2011
join your groupElvis Minougou-  02/04/2011
Looking for children modelsHsiao-en Lien-  01/18/2011
Pingxi Railway, One day trip. 12/12 (Sunday)Nick Rostron-  12/10/2010
New here!Evagroove2  12/05/2010
Photowalk#7 - 10/31Nick Rostron5  10/30/2010
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