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"Kathmandu is the Capital of Nepal"
About Kathmandu Valley (काठमांडौ)
A 218 square miles of land, situated above 4400 ft above sea level with three historic, artistic and cultural towns namely Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur together form what is known as the `Kathmandu Valley'. Kathmandu is the hub of Nepal's traditional culture and arts. This is the place for rest, relaxation and easy-day sightseeing of historic and artistic temples and monuments, and mountain views. Being the capital city of Nepal, it offers much services including international airlines, hotels and other facilities. One also enjoys Kathmandu for night life, shopping and of course for the mountain views.

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Naba Raj BhattaraiNaba Raj Bhattarai moderator 01/16/2010
Vishal K UPADHAYAY Vishal K UPADHAYAY 01/17/2012
Belinda SwankBelinda Swank I am travelling to Nepal on a regular basis. 07/04/2011
Rabin SthapitRabin Sthapit Like to know if anything is going on with cs members in ktm. I am from Kathmandu. 06/01/2011
M-mayur Kataruka- M - M-mayur Kataruka- M - visiting nepal 04/12/2014
Sushma BhattaSushma Bhatta I live here 03/05/2014
Dilli Ram SharmaDilli Ram Sharma 09/26/2012
ElleMeetsEuropeElleMeetsEurope Just arrived in ktm! 06/14/2013


KATHMANDU, last minute couchrequests22

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Hello Katmandu- who is free to meet up from 29th March- 11AprilChrissy Herring10  04/04/2013
you are superwelcome to Potluck Supper Party #7 @ Casa di Mixalis this saturdayMichalis Maroulakis-  04/04/2013
1- 7 April Open Singing Bowl Healing, Meditation & Spiritual Gathering for 45 minutesMichalis Maroulakis-  04/03/2013
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Plan changed, We are coming to Kathmandu earlier than expected. Anyone for spending some time together?Filip Śmigiel-  03/09/2013
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This friday fun in KTM!adventure filmmarathon+slackline @ rooftopMichalis Maroulakis-  02/28/2013
This friday fun in KTM!adventure filmmarathon+slackline @ rooftopMichalis Maroulakis-  02/28/2013
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"Maghi,A Typical festival on 01.14.2023 in outdoor.Naba Raj Bhattarai-  01/11/2013
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