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Welcome to Lebanon!

Lebanon is known to be “the Switzerland of the Middle East”. Before being like anything and anyone, it is unique. Lebanon’s friendly people will take you by surprise with their warmth and willingness to help and extend friendship. The land is endowed with a rich heritage of multi-religious historical sites as well as multi-cultural legacy. Whether you choose to go North, South, West or East you will be greeted with diversity. There is a lot to see starting with Historical sites, nature’s wonders’, valleys of saints, museums, as well as traces of wars and martyrs which meant to scar our land but to no avail. You will witness the ever stubborn spirit of our people to live in the constant daily renewal of the Phoenix which bestowed its name on our ancestors the Phoenicians. You can join the hype of night life’s scenes, the myriad tasteful restaurants, snacks, fruit juice bars, refined pastries and others all at different budgets catering to every taste. Whether you appreciate ancient historical excavations and temples, or like big malls, movie theatres, artistic festivals, art exhibits or architectural art, clubs, pubs, or just pure nature adventures and sports you’re in for a quick bumpy ride!
Our Mediterranean climate is mild. We have wet winters with hot, dry summers; Lebanon mountains experience heavy winter snows that kind of stay until Spring time, depending on its frequency. Have you heard that around April/May, you can both go to ski then go to the beach?
Are you landing in Beirut and would like to make the most of this lovely city? You can join this link http://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=25221

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Cultural agenda
Bekaa (Anjar, Baalbeck, Zahle)
cyclists in lebanon
Emergency Couch
Hamra Pubs and Restaurants
Hiking in Lebanon
Lebanese CS Organization
Lebano-Turkish friendship
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Skiing Cross Country or Snowshoeing
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This group is for CouchSurfers from Lebanon and for those travelers passing by and/or those who are coming here to exchange information, to facilitate meetings, to arrange hosting of CouchSurfers, meet other CouchSurfers, participate in the activities of local community, share the CouchSurfing spirit etc.
Accepted languages to post on this group are Arabic, French and English. We strongly advise you to use English in case you post messages connected with events, urgent messages or useful info for people living/travelling in Lebanon and other info that could be valuable to non-Lebanese.

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ROY Freiha ROY Freiha moderator to meet and welcome new friends from leb and all over the world 05/27/2006
ANIS_MANIS_M because i am lebanese 02/27/2013
Ben AllenBen Allen 01/29/2013
Elie EidElie Eid I live here 12/08/2009
SMALLWORLDSMALLWORLD im lebanese and love joining 06/30/2008
Drew  NgDrew Ng To know more about the situation in Lebanon 03/30/2014
Rani Al RajjiRani Al Rajji seems like a nice bunch of people 11/05/2008
Essie AnwarEssie Anwar 04/12/2014


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Bekaa (Anjar, Baalbeck, Zahle)53121
Cultural agenda136315
cyclists in lebanon2227
Emergency Couch2-
Hamra Pubs and Restaurants24440
Hiking in Lebanon160162
Lebanese CS Organization02
Lebano-Turkish friendship113
MA in Lebanon0-
rock climbing Lebanon22
Skiing Cross Country or Snowshoeing94
Visa Info for Lebanon34


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Poll: Spanish-Arabic language exchangeMAVACHE4  02/23/2014

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