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This Group been made to help all the people around the world with any type of information they need about Oman; post activities or even suggestions. All are welcome to join the group.

Oman offers :
Excellent and hassle-free shopping facilities.
Oman has the cleanest cities and environment, and littering is strictly prohibited.
Friendly, polite people and great hospitality.

Omanis are tolerant and open - drinks of any kind are available in hotels and licensed restaurants.
Driving is permitted for the holders of an international driving licence.
Please ask permission before attempting to photograph people and their property.

Dress code :
For most of the year light, loose-fitting clothes, preferably cotton, are best suited for the Omani climate. To respect Omani traditions, it is preferable not to revealing clothing of any kind in residential areas. From December to March a light wrap may be required during the evenings.

Language :
Arabic, English and Swahili are widely spoken

Time :
Greenwich Mean Time plus four hours (GMT+4).
Currency :
The unit of currency is the Rial Omani (R.O.)
consisting of 1,000 baizas.

* One R.O. = about US$ 2.58

Credit cards :
American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, etc. are accepted in major shopping areas, hotels and restaurants.

Electricity :
220 volts – 240 volts

Visas :
A visa is required for travel to Oman. Travelers of certain countries may purchase a tourist visa valid for 30 days at the airport for 6 Omani Rials (approximately $16.00 US). This visa may sometimes be renewed one time. There is a penalty of 10 Omani Rial per day for overstaying your visa. To reduce time in the airport, visitors can obtain visas from the Omani Embassy in the country of origin. To do this, take a copy of travel orders or a letter from the agency stating that travel is official, to the Omani Embassy.

For more information on Tourist and other types of visas please visit the Royal Oman Police website at:


On it you will find the list of countries elegable for visa on arrival. It's called "Country Listing 1" and is located near the bottom of the right side of the page.

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