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Weekly Vienna Guitar Sessions


Hi folks!

The time has come to create a group for our weekly guitar session! And here is the group :)

It's for people that want to start playing guitar, haven´t played for a while, or simple for those who play really good and want to show the rest of us how it works :)

Hope to see you soon on one of our meetings!


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Created: Jan 24, 2010
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Martin Schoenbacher Martin Schoenbacher moderator 01/24/2010
Johannes NovotnyJohannes Novotny trying to learn how to pick the strings 02/02/2010
Tobias TripoltTobias Tripolt 10/26/2011
Kati VetterKati Vetter 02/04/2010
Bruno Campos Bruno Campos 08/31/2012
JACKOTYJACKOTY to play the guitar, duh ;) 03/08/2010
Yuansha  ZhongYuansha Zhong start to playing guitar 01/03/2011


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