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This group is open to anyone with an interest in Qatar and random questions about Qatar. This is a place to post PUBLIC events that are happening in Qatar.

This is ****NOT**** a job-hunting website. Try qatarliving.com or monster.com for that.

This GROUP is also not a classifieds page for selling things. We have a "Qatar Classified" group for people who want to buy/sell goods or services.

There is another group, the Qatar Couchsurfing Community, which is for people who live in Qatar. Its focus is on local friendship and activities. That group is by invitation only, although most of its members are also members of this group.

If you live in Qatar, please write to one of the QCC's moderators to introduce yourself.

This is a Muslim country and there are very strict laws here about a lot of things that many people might take for granted in their home country. It is prudent to learn about the laws and customs for foreigners in Qatar prior to coming.

Please read this from Qatar Tourism Authority:

Police have been known to give out fines to women for "dressing immodestly". To find out what that means please read this...
Advice on clothing for women:

At Doha International Airport: Qatar has 2 telecom companies QTel and Vodafone and if you have an unlocked phone you can buy a SIM card here. There are bank machines to withdraw in Qatar Riyals. Airport taxis are sitting outside the arrivals.

Doha is very spread out and bus service (see link below) is improving but does not cover all areas. To get around the city easily you can book a driver (ask any Doha CS for one) or get a taxi Karwa Tel: +974 4458 8888

Taxi tariffs: http://eng.mowasalat.com/site/topics/static.asp?cu_no=1&lng=0&template_id=285&temp_type=42&parent_id=284

Make sure the taxi driver has the correct tariff AND uses the meter. This should not be a problem FROM the airport, as that is the most expensive fare level already.

Weekends are Fri/Sat and most shops are closed until late afternoon on Friday. (Usually 4:00 p.m.)

Possible activities:
Dune bashing, cycle, camp in the desert, swim, camel ride, jet-ski, sail, wind surf, kite board, fish, roller blade, dhow cruise, stroll the souq, get some henna, horse back ride, watch camel/horse races, walk the Corniche and be amazed by the brilliant aqua of the Persian Gulf.

For those last minute planners check out our Last Minute Couch group.

If you are here on a Tuesday evening our local CS group meets weekly in a cafe around 8pm.


*IMPORTANT* Not all nationalities can get a visa on arrival (VOA) and must apply in advance. Visa on arrival info http://www.qatarembassy.net/visa.asp
QATAR VISA INFO: http://english.mofa.gov.qa/visa.htm

1. #1 priority to visit: http://www.soukwaqif.com/

2. Visit this man-made island with gorgeous marinas, restaurants, cafes and exclusive shops (i.e. Ferrari). It's free to browse and stroll! Note: At present an alcohol ban is in effect. http://www.thepearlqatar.com/

3. The Museum of Islamic Art. Free. Closed on Tuesdays. Takes about 1-2 hrs to walk through and they have FREE and extensive audio tours (7 hours of recordings!) in different languages: http://www.mia.org.qa/english/index.html. Open 2-8 on Fridays with morning hours other days.

4. Lots of info about what to do in Doha: http://www.qatarhappening.com/

5. Info about Qatar: http://www.experienceqatar.com/

6. More info: http://www.qatarvisitor.com/

7. If you want to book a desert safari (or even camp overnight in the desert) and go dune bashing there are many companies who will take you out in a 4WD.
Just Google "desert safari Qatar tour companies". There are many of them. Price is usually about $100.

8. Timeout Doha: http://www.timeoutdoha.com/

9. If you like shopping Villaggio is a very large mall designed to look like Venice complete with canal and gondoliers. http://www.onlineqatar.com/shopping/the-villagio-mall.aspx [THE MALL HAS BEEN CLOSED SINCE MAY 25, 2012, WHEN A FIRE CLAIMED SEVERAL LIVES.]

10. Smoke shisha. This can be done in many cafes in Doha but if you are at Souq Waqif you might as well do it there! If you are unused to nicotine, sheesha gives you quite a kick. (For me that means sleeplessness.)

11. Katara Cultural Village. Restaurants, cafes, beach (for 100 QR), opera house, photography, art exhibitions http://www.qcvp.com/home.html

12. If you cannot find a host in Doha there is a hostel. (Women might not be comfortable staying here). http://www.hihostels.com/dba/hostels-Doha---Doha-B-096178.en.htm

13. Mowasalat Public Bus +974 4458 8869

14. Marhaba http://www.marhaba.com.qa/ Online publication with contact numbers useful for residents and visitors.

15. Doha Tribeca Film Festival. If you are here in November try to get tickets. http://www.dohafilminstitute.com/filmfestival

16. Doha news http://dohanews.co/

17. Daily newspaper Gulf News http://www.gulftimes.com/site/topics/index.asp?cu_no=2&temp_type=44

18. Qatar Tennis Open usually in January. Tickets are inexpensive. http://www.qatartennis.org/tournaments/index/32

19. Camel races on Friday mornings. http://www.qataradventure.com/items.asp?cid=58&scid=172 Or you can just take a taxi out to Shahaniya any morning to see camels being trained with robots strapped to their backs. Training is NOT done during the heat of the day, so go early (5 a.m. is not too early) or in the late afternoon.

20. If you love Arabian horses http://www.alshaqab.com/

21. Annual Falcon Festival http://www.qatarvisitor.com/index.php?cID=430&pID=1324. There is a part of Souq Waqif that is dedicated to falconry and where you will always be able to see falcons and possibly hold one (no one should charge you for this!!!!) A unique souvenir would be a falcon hood - approximately 40 riyals.

22. The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra is magnificent and they have frequent concerts. http://qatarphilharmonicorchestra.org/

23. The Gold Souq. Across from Souq Waqif

24. Visit Al Fanar to learn about Islam in a low-key atmosphere. It's the stunning spiral tower next to Souq Waqif. http://www.fanar.gov.qa/ It is itself a mosque.

25. Mangroves! http://www.qatarvisitor.com/index.php?cID=430&pID=1258

One day in Doha
1. (2 hours+) Souq Waqif http://www.bbc.com/travel/feature/20110802-souq-waqif-dohas-resilient-labyrinthine-market 15 min drive from the airport. Spend a few hours walking around, absorb the local culture, have a meal in one of the many cafes/restaurants or mint tea and shisha, buy a couple of souvenirs, walk through the spice market, gold shops, experience cupping http://www.cuppingtherapy.net/, hold a falcon on your arm, see some camels and Arabian horses, buy some bakhoor (incense) and incense burner, sample Arabian perfumes, and people watch. Walk across the street to the museum.
2. (1.5 hours) Museum of Islamic Art http://mia.org.qa/ Walk back across the street to the spiral tower Al Fanar.
3. (1 hour) Al Fanar. Learn something about Islam. http://www.fanar.gov.qa/aboutus.aspx Cross the street towards the Corniche.
4. (2 hours) Walk the Corniche and enjoy the brilliant turquoise Persian Gulf view. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Doha_Corniche_Oct-25-11.JPG Take a 30 minute dhow (small wooden boat) ride around the bay. It’s mandatory to negotiate a good price.
5. Other options:
• (1 hour, 20 minute taxi ride from the Corniche) The man-made island The Pearl Qatar-restaurants, marina, high end shopping http://www.thepearlqatar.com/SubTemplate1.aspx?ID=440&MID=187
• (1 hour, 20 minute taxi ride from the Corniche and close to The Pearl.) Katara-art, photo exhibitions, restaraunts, cafes. http://www.katara.net/english/the-village/art-exhibitions/
• (1 hour/women only) Get henna in a salon. Lasts about a week; a little longer if you keep it hydrated with some good skin lotion. Styles: Qatari, Indian, Sudanese.

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