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What am I doing with my life?


This is group for anyone who finds themself saying, ¨What am I doing with my life?¨ Here's to the wanders, the dreamers and the completely lost.

Besides, whoever heard of planning an adventure?

Please feel free to post ideas about opportunities for travel, employment abroad, adventure, your feelings, passions, desires, etc. Your next real step to freedom could begin here.

In all things begin with kindness.

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Christian Ernst Christian Ernst moderator I repaired my life starting here. Fact. 05/10/2010
Mattias ThulinMattias Thulin moderator This group helped me become what I am today and is still helping me evolve into a better person. 01/23/2010
Pankaj KumarPankaj Kumar I literaly think the same :P 04/17/2014
Aziz BenazizAziz Benaziz Don't wanna have this feeling anymore 05/14/2011
Karin KorsmanKarin Korsman why not? 03/30/2012
Ray CRay C This is an interesting topic. 08/21/2011
Chicco ChiccoChicco Chicco 10/09/2012
Karlis  Karlis What am I doing with my life? 10/07/2013


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