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i created this group for people who wants to do a language exchange.. i can give you couch and teach you spanish and have and experience living in venezuela if you help me to learn german .... but we can use this group if somebody else wants to exchange any language..

hope it works


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Created: Jan 28, 2010
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Corinne CavenaghiCorinne Cavenaghi language swap 10/24/2012
Jan Timo MeyerJan Timo Meyer réapprendre le francais 04/10/2013
Marta GłaczyńskaMarta Głaczyńska English and Serbian teacher needed... 07/07/2011
Björn Munkbo Björn Munkbo Um Deutsch zu lernen 03/27/2014
Emin Gunaydin Emin Gunaydin I would like to learn other languages 08/22/2013
Roberto GarcíaRoberto García Wanted to learn more German and/or a little norwegian 06/24/2013
peripateticmerkinperipateticmerkin I want to continue language learning 03/23/2014


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