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Welcome to the "Couchsailing International" group dedicated to traveling and living on board. We welcome all the livaboards and sailors who are into cruising and traveling on high seas. if you have "the spirit" and need at least an inch of water under your keel or want to crew, join us and make Couchsailing a great way of meeting friends and moving through the oceans with our/your floating homes. if you are a skipper/owner and need crew, here you will find one. and if you want to try to cross the Atlantic with some suitable vessel and don't have your own, maybe some skipper still needs a crew urgently and might be eager to take you out there. We want to make sailing a social experience and give potential crews and interested skippers a way of contacting each other.
and last but not least a boat is a great place to surf a berth. so there are lots of harbors in the world and lots of couchsurfers living on board. here you might find them. someone going to somewhere with his floating home? need some extra hands? maybe share costs? publish your plans in this group as well and enjoy a good sail and good company.

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SAILORWOLF SAILORWOLF moderator Group founder. Lived on a boat for 20 years and sailed around the world. Skippering everything and training skippers and crews. deliver everything afloat. 02/01/2010
CR0FN3RPCR0FN3RP 03/13/2014
Luca Moci Luca Moci 10/01/2012
Pedro GomezPedro Gomez 02/23/2014
Scott SchreiberScott Schreiber I have the boat. Always looking for new friends to enjoy the voyage! 03/02/2014
Juan Carlos LezamaJuan Carlos Lezama 04/06/2012
Diana IversenDiana Iversen Love water 06/10/2011
Sean Gagnon Sean Gagnon Will one day sail away 11/11/2013


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Flagged postsModerator 1  06/09/2012
cape town to caribbean, mozambique or europeMatteo Carpani-  04/05/2014
Experienced crew looking for a boat Panama to French Polynesia (Open to other opportunities too)Colin Manson-  04/05/2014
Plastic Pollution Research Sailing ExpeditionAly Tharp1  04/04/2014
Trip of a lifetime. UK to TogoCaptMart1  04/04/2014
Caribbean to Med Crew wanted April 2014Kenneth Tabone5  04/02/2014
Caribbean/Central Am SailingGERMANPHIL2  04/02/2014
buscamos tripulacion mexico a centro america/ NEED CREW TO SAIL ON THE PACIFIC COASTValentina y Gaston Alcalde Videla6  04/02/2014
ahoy!Rotten WaterMellon1  04/01/2014
USA to Bermuda in MayAly Tharp3  04/01/2014
West to East Atlantic CrossingMonika Koniuszek3  03/30/2014
looking for a boat from panama city to colombiaCR0FN3RP-  03/29/2014
Nomadic Pirate Hitcher looking to join a crew from La Paz, Baja over to mainland and south, open to suggestions! Ready to go now!Samantha Veıtch-  03/28/2014
St. Lucia to Martinique in MayKim-and-Thomas-  03/27/2014
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