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This group is created for food lovers who wants to travel around Europe sharing your skills and passion of cooking with for everyone. If you are going to be traveling around Europe, want to surf someones kitchen and cook some of your traditional food from your country or town, this is the right place for you.


Some collection of the cooking events Pics and more coming soon:


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AliChef AliChef moderator 02/07/2010
Sandro Ricciardi Sandro Ricciardi 06/06/2012
Martin PalmerMartin Palmer Love Ali's Cooking! 01/10/2012
Li Chun ChangLi Chun Chang 01/21/2014
Will WhittyWill Whitty 10/14/2012
Marek CzajkowskiMarek Czajkowski for kitchensurfing in Wrocław 02/26/2013
Greta LucnikovaiteGreta Lucnikovaite 02/25/2014


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