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Sziget 2010


The Sziget Fesztivál is one of Europe's
largest music and cultural festivals,
held annually in Budapest, Hungary.

This year, the festival will be held
11 to 16 August 2010. Find more
details on the official SZIGET website,
in magyar, English, français, and more...

In the meantime, have a peek (and sign up)
at the CouchSurfing-Sziget Meeting,
put together by our new/old/great friends in Budapest!

See you there?

Sziget 2010

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Created: Feb 10, 2010
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Sveta Shantalova and Anton BerjozkinSveta Shantalova and Anton Berjozkin moderator Because Greg added them and because they're awesome! 02/10/2010
Greg YuGreg Yu moderator Harmadik Sziget 02/10/2010
CHARLY_BROWNCHARLY_BROWN I'm going to Sziget 08/01/2010
Jacoba KintJacoba Kint Good times are coming! 06/13/2010
Kata TamásKata Tamás I'll be there!! 07/08/2010
Francesco PosaFrancesco Posa I played @ Sziget 2010! 07/28/2010
Florian Handschuch Florian Handschuch 05/27/2010
Steffen WartnerSteffen Wartner I will visit the Sziget 08/09/2010


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see you on dalmat barCINICIA-  08/08/2010
Anybody going from rome??Gioia Tozzi2  08/07/2010
Who is comming on Sunday?viri Bodi3  08/06/2010
2 tickets for saleAttila Juhász1  08/06/2010
Still looking for a couchFOTO-BLIXT-  08/05/2010
Anybody going from Croacia??Alejandro Buttaro-  08/04/2010
Can i take D-SLR Camera in Fest.Area ?RYouKai4  08/03/2010
Sziget camp, youth hostel or CS?ANDELer6  08/03/2010
Meeting on 13thManshil Misra-  08/03/2010
Travel buddy to Sziget?/Any traveling afterwards?Liga Kurpa7  08/02/2010
coming with bicycle and tent from vienna. let's meet along the river!CINICIA-  08/01/2010
Anyone Hitchiking From North of Italy to sziget?Tiiu Jansen-  07/31/2010
CS-camp The Settlers.... -2nd dayviri Bodi6  07/31/2010
from ItalyAlejandro Buttaro-  07/30/2010
Can you accsess english web page?RYouKai2  07/30/2010
anyone going from germany? (and need a ticket...)IPHIGENIE2  07/29/2010
1 e-ticket for sale for low price because I injured my anklesOttilia Kasbergen6  07/28/2010
Is there any map of Fest. Area ?RYouKai5  07/28/2010
one festival pass inkl. camping to sellMartin Schlafmütze-  07/26/2010
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