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This is the group for anyone who wants to charter a boat anywhere and needs or wants some more people to share the charter price and the time on board. also for anyone who wants to participate in charter for a week or more and has no connection and no contacts to other sailors.
skippers who would like to offer their (private) boats for some charter guests in some areas or for long term cruising please offer your vessels here. We do this group because of lots of mails i get about cheap or reliable charter possibilities in several areas of the world. Enjoy sharing and making broke skippers move on..

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Created: Feb 17, 2010
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SAILORWOLF SAILORWOLF moderator 02/17/2010
Yan Ru TsengYan Ru Tseng 01/15/2014
MICHI07 MICHI07 05/30/2013
ANNA-PANNA-P 10/06/2013
callmemocallmemo Have some experiance and so looking crew in yatch 05/01/2013
Philipp BacherPhilipp Bacher We got a catamaran from the 14th to 21st of June in Croatia and still room for crew. 04/12/2014
Yuliana TanYuliana Tan i want to experience sailing and will be great if it can be shared! 03/25/2014



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Poll: Carribean Sailing February 2011VOILIER-  02/11/2011

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Croatia. 14-21.06. Catamaran. 6 places free. Students. 18 boat fleet.Philipp Bacher-  04/12/2014
looking for a long weekend trip (europe)ANNA-P-  04/02/2014
ASIA to AUSTRALIA or NEW ZEALAND. ###################### afraid of flying. Looking for a boat opportunity.Lobo Izquierda-  01/20/2014
find a boat in May at South of FranceKatrina Menshikova3  01/14/2014
Panama to South America crew availableChris Burillo-  12/19/2013
From Panama to ColombiaDário Andrade do Nascimento1  11/26/2013
Panama - San Blas - ColombiaPierre Geraud-  11/24/2013
From Europe to South America, can be your crew!Zak Sam-  11/13/2013
IS THAT POSSIBLE FOR AN YACHT?Emanuel Popa4  09/11/2013
III International Cies Island meetingVictor Garcia Gil-  06/09/2013
volunteer to be crew from panama to colombiaCarlos Rodríguez Vega-  06/05/2013
possibilities in the Netherlands or SpainIngo in Cologne-  05/19/2013
Tenerife - Malorca. Crew needed.Roman Kogut-  03/23/2013
sailing to tobago cays, from martiniqueRicardo Molina-  02/25/2013
Need your advince:Sailing from Uruguay to China by motor sailing yachtLeo Long-  10/02/2012
Looking to join a yacht from Europe/UK to Canaries then CubaSim Michaels-  09/30/2012
sailing the Ionian in Sept 16th to 23rdChris White1  08/02/2012
Sail from NYC to Sag Harbor,long island for wild boat party in Barcalona Bay. This is the 17 yearDave Hirsh1  07/29/2012
Sailing Côte d'AzurSYAELIS-  07/19/2012
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