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Angelo Pimental Angelo Pimental moderator I'm a bermyboi 08/12/2008
YAN38305 YAN38305 visiting 02/18/2014
Dotti BDotti B Visiting Bermuda 06/30/2013
Tempest VenturesTempest Ventures I am a bermudian living in Bermuda most of the year?... 05/10/2013
Alyssa HoweAlyssa Howe Dating a bermy 07/05/2011
Dave BowenDave Bowen visiting Bermuda in May via sailboat 03/11/2014
Sarah Michelle GriffithSarah Michelle Griffith I live here, have hosted, have met fellow CS'ers, as well 05/22/2013
Sam GoyalSam Goyal Countdown to Bermuda 03/04/2014


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Sailor arriving in early MayDave Bowen4  04/06/2014
Advice on living in bermudacintaq1  03/14/2014
Countdown to BermudaSam Goyal8  03/11/2014
New Yorkers coming to Bermuda for NYE!Jenn L4  12/28/2013
Looking for Visitors - Friends - A couch for end of December 3 DaysAnn McKinnon-  12/07/2013
Trying to find work in BermudaGlen Cox2  10/09/2013
Any sailors out there?Max Avramenko-  09/12/2013
Bermuda VacationValeriia Padalka4  09/06/2013
Do you want to dance salsa with me? (Bermuda 08/13 to 08/17)Francesca Maglione2  07/23/2013
Visiting Bermuda 08/13 to 08/17 Any friendly people to meet? ^_^Francesca Maglione-  07/21/2013
Visiting Bermuda 7/3-7/8 anyone would like to meet up?Dotti B-  06/30/2013
Anyone want to host or attend a FREE documentary about CouchSuring & get rad people together -- for free!! Good inspiration here!Alexandra Liss1  05/22/2013
Visiting 4/20-4/25 - anyone want to meet up?Lea Furutani-  04/08/2013
Bermuda ActivitiesTracey Lewis-  03/24/2013
Anyone want to explore?Che.n.essa-  11/19/2012
Better optionStefania Crevatin-  10/25/2012
NYEKacper Bak-  10/19/2012
I will visit in November.Mitsuhiro Yamamoto-  10/09/2012
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