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Thinking it might be an idea for the older kayakers of the world to have a chance to meet others who enjoy spending time paddling on the water. Everyone from novices to experts who would like to show others their own favourite spots .

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Created: Feb 22, 2010
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Helen Drake Helen Drake moderator 02/22/2010
Gina Gulinska Gina Gulinska I thought I joined the group already, but do not see myself 06/27/2011
Karla Hart Karla Hart I'm a kayaker and I can see 50 from here! 03/25/2010
Louise Trusler Louise Trusler Live in Brisbane QLD Australia and would love to welcome other kayakers 10/06/2011
Yaks Yaks New to this 06/27/2013
violabiflora violabiflora Love kayaking and thou kayaking tends to go on in very mixed groups, I do belong to this age-span 01/09/2011
Biff FrederiksonBiff Frederikson ANything with "kayak" in the title is good. 07/07/2010
RED2004RED2004 kayak addict and about to soon embark on a trip to europe of course without my kayak i will have withdrawals but hope to find ways to feed my habit occasionally ideally with salt water but lake and river pond will suffice, thank you Pete 03/02/2013


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